Mike Fiers throws no-hitter, appears to use pine tar in doing so (photo)

Houston Astros pitcher Mike Fiers accomplished a feat on Friday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers that makes the team’s magical run even more special.

Fiers threw a no-hitter in the team’s 3-0 win and produced 10 strikeouts on 134 pitches.

But it sure looks like he utilized some artificial help to get a leg up on hitters.

Check out this shot of Fiers’ glove, and notice the the shiny, sticky substance glistening off of it. It sure looks like he applied pine tar to the mitt, which would certainly help him grip the ball a lot better.

If Fiers did, indeed, apply pine tar to his glove, he should tread lightly for awhile. Umpires and opposing clubs alike will be keeping a close eye on him.

[Larry Brown Sports]

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