Patriots troll Jets with ‘Throwback Thursday’ tweet

Everything had been quiet and peaceful as the Jets and Patriots get set to square off at Gillette Stadium in Sunday’s divisional showdown—until Thursday, that is.

But it’s not the Jets that were running their mouths this time, it was the Patriots’ official Twitter account.

In a move that head coach Bill Belichick may not be very fond of, the team posted a “Throwback Thursday” photo to have some fun at their opponent’s expense.

We all remember the infamous “Buttfumble,” which took place back when the two teams met on Thanksgiving in 2012. Former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez ran into Brandon Moore’s backside and coughed up the football, which was then returned by Steve Gregory for a touchdown.

With the three-year anniversary of the play just around the corner, the Patriots elected to post a “Throwback Thursday” tweet to commemorate the comical play. It featured a photo which showed Sanchez getting knocked to the ground after running into Moore.

The tweet was deleted shortly after it was sent, but we have a screencap of it for your viewing pleasure.


The Patriots have now given the Jets some bulletin board material heading into Sunday’s game, which really isn’t a great idea. You have to wonder what Belichick is thinking right about now, and we won’t be surprised if some social media intern ends up taking the fall for it.

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