Pete Morelli has another bad week

A week after NFL referee Pete Morelli didn’t know where the TV camera was in New England, a member of his crew didn’t know who was on offense Sunday in Detroit.

The Eagles were called for an ineligible man downfield, seemingly negating a 27-yard pass from Carson Wentz to Jordan Matthews. The penalty was called on No. 98. That’s Eagles defender Connor Barwin, who obviously wasn’t on the field.

It turns out the No. 98 was Lions defensive end Devin Taylor. The official who threw the flag forgot which team was on offense, according to The Detroit News, and the flag was picked up.

Forgetting which team is on offense is bad enough, but when the flag was picked up the ball was placed where Matthews caught it without any announcement. That left everyone confused.

While the officials corrected their mistake, the Keystone Cops way in which they went about it is no laughing matter. What was funny was Morelli’s announcement of a penalty in New England with his back to the TV camera.

Just two years ago, according to Football Zebras, Morelli won the Art McNally award. That’s sort of a lifetime achievement award for officials.

But Morelli’s crew had a bad year last season, didn’t make the cut for the playoffs and was broken up and reassigned according to Deadspin.

NFL players are past their prime when they reach a certain age. Perhaps at age 64, Morelli is past his prime as an official.

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