Real ‘Hail Mary’ saved Sam Wyche’s life

Time was just about to run out on Sam Wyche.

The former Bengals and Buccaneers coach was waiting for a heart transplant on Sept. 12 and down to his last day at Carolinas Medical Center. There was no heart available.

Wyche’s son is an assistant coach for a high school team in Cincinnati and his grandson plays for Moeller High School in Cincinnati. Both prayed for him with their teams, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Suddenly, a donor was found and the 71-year-old Wyche had a new heart. A month later, he’s walking and exercising daily.

“It’s just a miracle,” Wyche said. “I got a heart at the last minute. Literally at the last half a day I could have survived.”

Now Wyche wants the NFL to help him spread the word about organ donation. He’s urging the league to get each team to record a video with one of its top players and play the videos at games once a quarter.

“It’d take about three and a half seconds,” Wyche said.

If Wyche can get thousands of Bengals fans to stop throwing snowballs, he probably can get the league to help him with this campaign.

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