Rob Ryan uses walk-up song at Bills team meeting

Those Ryan brothers, they’re never boring.

Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, who’s second the NFL with seven sacks, told the MMQB that Bills assistant coach Rob Ryan used a walk-up song when installing a play at a team meeting.

Ryan, brother of head coach Rex Ryan, was introducing a play called Boat One. So he played a “Saturday Night Live” parody called “I’m on a Boat” with rapper T-Pain.

The video contains vulgar language even if some of the words used probably have been used by the Ryans inside the walls of Bills headquarters.

It’s hard to imagine a member of Bill Belichick’s staff using walk-up music while preparing for an upcoming opponent.

“What coach does that? I’ve never been around that,” said Alexander, who has been on five different teams in his 11-year career. “They keep it light and fun.”

Football is a lot more fun for the Bills now than it was three weeks ago when they were 0-2. Since then they’ve won three straight games. If the Bills end their 17-year playoff drought, a lot more people will hear about this “I’m on a Boat” story. If not, Rex and Rob Ryan could be off the boat in Buffalo and looking for a job next season.

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