Samuel L. Jackson rips refs in Redskins-Falcons game on Twitter

No matter who you are, you don’t want to get on Samuel L. Jackson’s bad side. Even if you’re an NFL referee, feeling his wrath is not something you want to experience.

The officiating crew in Sunday’s Redskins-Falcons game is now on Jackson’s bad side after botching what clearly looked to be a touchdown catch by Devonta Freeman late in the fourth quarter of the game. For some reason, though, it was ruled an incomplete pass, although it certainly didn’t look that way (watch the video here).

Jackson took to Twitter after the play and let the game’s officiating crew know just how he felt about the botched call.

[NSFW warning: Second tweet contains explicit language.]

As usual, Jackson is right. The NFL needs to clarify exactly what is and isn’t a catch, as these judgement calls are open to interpretation and aren’t good for the game.

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