Watch: Jeremy Maclin makes amazing one-handed diving catch

Jeremy Maclin did the unthinkable on third-and-14 to keep a Philadelphia Eagles’ fourth-quarter drive alive during their Week 4 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers. With the Eagles trailing 26-21 and just under four minutes remaining in the game, Maclin stretched out for a pass along the sidelines and made a spectacular one-handed grab with his left hand between two defenders.

Falling to the turf, he clutched the ball with both hands and pulled it tightly to his chest as he slid out of bounds. The 49ers challenged the play but were unsuccessful.

The Eagles were unable to capitalize on the big play, however. Faced with a fourth-and-goal situation, quarterback Nick Foles threw a pass too far out of Maclin’s reach in the back of the end zone.

Lou Musto

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