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Poll Dancing: Week 5

On Twitter @TheCoachBart There’s an old, stupid saying that goes, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” It’s pure BS, obviously, because most of what ends up killing us is what we originally don’t know. People used to think cigarettes were healthy and eugenics was a good idea. In Medieval times, people only bathed a […]


The Brady Hoke-Shane Morris Debacle At Michigan Puts Player Safety Back In The Spotlight

Concussions in football — this important topic rushed to the forefront of college football’s radar screen over the past weekend, when Michigan quarterback Shane Morris appeared to have suffered a concussion in the Wolverines’ game against Minnesota. Michigan head coach Brady Hoke inexplicably allowed Morris to take a snap anyway, later claiming he didn’t notice […]

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Kansas Is Not A Bad Job, And The Right Coach Can Win There

On Twitter @TheCoachBart * Wins Can Be Found In Kansas, Dorothy Kansas has a football job opening, and it’s a good job. Scoff if you must, but these are the breaks. If you’re looking for a shot to be great, the job is open, and the juice is worth the squeeze. Charlie Weis was fired […]

Decided schematic advantage? Yes... for opponents of the Kansas Jayhawks.

Dreadful Offensive Numbers Forced Kansas to Fire Charlie Weis

Kansas football did what it had to Sunday, firing Charlie Weis just into his third season as head coach. Why Make the Change Now? Make no mistake about it: this is something KU had to do right now. Sure, it’s usually not a good thing for a program to terminate its coach in the middle […]

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Miami’s Defense Dominates Duke, Creating A Golden Moment For Its Coach

Thanks to a 22-10 victory over defending divisional champ Duke, Miami is now back in the ACC Coastal Division race. While the reality of the ‘Canes competing for a championship isn’t exactly a surprise, the reason that they are in league title picture certainly is. Just one week after a poor showing against Nebraska, the […]


Arkansas Dominates Texas A&M For Three Quarters… And Then Collapses

Every person who writes about sports faces this fundamental tension in the wake of a game that flows in one direction through three quarters and then takes a 180-degree turn in the fourth: Did the winner win, or did the loser lose? In these situations, the winner always deserves a certain degree of credit — […]

NCAA Football: Minnesota at Michigan

RIP, Brady Hoke era

On Twitter @TheCoachBart It was 1994, and it was just an early season game against Colorado. Some pre-teen Michigan fan was decked out, arguing with his mother about having to attend some mis-scheduled church function because normally, those don’t get scheduled when the Michigan game is on. This one would cause the kid to miss […]

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Chris Petersen, You’re Not In Boise — Or The WAC — Anymore

On one hand, the Stanford Cardinal thoroughly deserved to win Saturday afternoon’s Pac-12 North slugfest against the Washington Huskies. The Trees towered over the Dawgs for most of a sunny and shadowy day at Husky Stadium, limiting Washington to only 179 yards, under 100 in both passing and rushing yards. Stanford has not been a […]

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Indiana’s upset is meaningless if it falls flat against Maryland

On Twitter @TheCoachBart There’s an old Seinfeld that goes in reverse order. It’s where Elaine and the gang go over to India to a friend (Sue Ellen Mischke) of Elaine’s wedding. Mischke appears in earlier episodes wearing no bra and causing a catastrophe to George’s car while he’s out dodging work but doesn’t want the […]


Missouri and South Carolina have a chance to re-start their seasons

When Missouri and South Carolina meet on Saturday, one of these teams will gain the upper hand in the SEC East. South Carolina has been very up and down so far this season. The Gamecocks have been crushed by Texas A&M and were almost upset by East Carolina and Vanderbilt. However, they also beat the Georgia […]

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Ticket preview for 5 biggest AAC games in Week 5

Here is a breakdown of the top five games of Week 5 of the 2014 NCAA Football season involving an American Athletic Conference team: Temple Owls @ UConn Huskies | 4:00 PM EST @ Rentschler Field | Average Ticket Price = $45 | Get-In Price = $22 We’ll start off with the only intra-conference matchup […]


Flashback Friday: NC State shocks FSU

Three years into the Jimbo Fisher era, the Florida State Seminoles were in rebound mode from the end of Bobby Bowden’s tenure. In 2012, the Seminoles were coming off two decent years in which they combined to go 19-8 and received bids to the Chick-fil-A and Champs Sports Bowl games. The Seminoles entered that season […]

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It’s a bad Saturday to learn anything about college football

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Disclaimer: Even terrible college football is better than no college football, so when it’s Saturday night and you want to watch some sports in June and your options are watching Major League Baseball or old, grainy tapes of your youth soccer games and the youth soccer games probably have to win out, […]