College Football Viewer’s Guide: Week Ten

The past two weeks of college football packed a very minimal punch. Now that the World Series is over and the month of November is upon us, one should expect a college football season to offer better Saturdays. Does this Saturday live up to that expectation? Yes… especially if you’re willing to stay up late […]


The Really Absurd College Football Events Of Week Nine

Week nine in college football crammed a lot of absurdities into its collection of FBS games, but what stood out was not just the volume of absurdity on hand, but the severity of it all. The centerpiece of week nine was obviously this event, which you can re-live by clicking on the hyperlink: The Big […]

The introduction of semifinals before a national title game? Very, very good. The process by which the four College Football Playoff teams will be chosen? That's not likely to be as satisfying or clear-cut for all parties involved.

Initial College Football Playoff Reaction: It’s a Show About Nothing

Back in July, I wrote a reaction piece to the initial Coaches’ Poll saying that the rankings were just like Seinfeld in that they were both a show about nothing. I feel the same way about the first-ever College Football Playoff rankings. While this made-for-television event provided plenty of entertainment, it didn’t really mean anything. […]


Handicapping the 2014 College Football Playoff

So, did anything big happen last night in college football? What? You mean there was no “Fun Belt Tuesday” with Louisiana-Lafayette whaling on an unfortunate foe? Yes, a new era in college football history began last night. The newness of this venture has naturally created twin tidal waves of publicity and anxiety. It’s the conversational […]

CFB Playoff logo

Your preview of tonight’s first CFB Playoff rankings

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect College football is and always has been the Desperate Housewives of sports. Whereas most every other sport, professionally or not, is content to sit home in an apron, care for the house and kids, and get up and do it all over again without complaint, college football needs and […]


New Offensive Coordinators Have Made The Difference For TCU And Utah This Season

Three weeks ago, Student Section contributor Kevin McGuire penned this excellent piece on the re-emergence of TCU and Utah in their new power-conference situations. Today, the Horned Frogs and Utes remain central factors in their respective leagues. They have only gotten better as the season has moved along. It’s time for the editors of The […]


Auburn-Ole Miss And TCU-West Virginia Command Attention This Saturday For Different Reasons

After two lackluster weeks of college football, the sport appears poised to get its groove back. Three considerably consequential conference confrontations constitute the core of the week 10 schedule. The editors of The Student Section, joined by guest panelist and TSS columnist Allen Kenney, offer their views on Auburn-Ole Miss and TCU-West Virginia. (Sorry, Stanford-Oregon. […]

Bloguin Heisman Poll

The 2014 Bloguin Heisman Poll, week nine

For the past two weeks, Dak Prescott has been at the top of our Heisman poll. With a win over Kentucky this weekend, would he be able to prevent Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston from taking over the top spot? With Winston being idle, would that work against him after the momentum he gained from […]

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Poll Dancing: Playoff edition 4

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect There are certainties in life that people always act on as though they are not certainties. Then they happen, and the world rests comfortably on its axis knowing that things aren’t changing in a few realms of the world: 1. When you argue with a woman, you’re going to […]

Chris Fowler is a legitimate superstar in the world of college football broadcasting. He has made College GameDay the juggernaut it is. Yet, one can love everything about Fowler and still watch Premier League Soccer or Masters 1000 tennis from Europe on fall mornings. Why? Because live games trump pregame shows and their chatter every single time.

Chris Fowler In the Crosshairs: What His SEC Rant Says About ESPN And College Football

Chris Fowler caused quite a stir this past Saturday. Anytime a central college football media figure steps into the ESPN-SEC conversation, the college football world pays attention. The Student Section editors are here to tackle this issue, and we’re happy to invite a special guest — TSS columnist Allen Kenney — to our roundtable. Before […]

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Sad fan index, week nine

Passionate. That word is often used to describe college football and its fans. The great thing about this sport is how much each game means to the fans; of course, that also means that when your team loses it can be heartbreaking. This week’s feature in the sad fan index is a school newspaper that […]


How Can Virginia Tech Be Fixed?

Seven years ago, who would have thought that Michigan, Texas, USC, and Florida would have encountered such profound upheavals? Each of those programs has faced a coaching transition since the end of 2007. Two of those programs have already burned through multiple coaches in that period of time, and a third — Florida — will […]