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Cheers, to 2014 college football

On Twitter @TheCoachBart It was 1995, and a middle school kid in the heartland screwed up in school. The kind of screw up that you figure normally warrants the powers that be to issue out stiff punishment the likes of which not seeing any rooms but the bedroom and the john would be reasonable to […]


Breaking Down the Gate Crashers: Cincinnati Bearcats

The Cincinnati Bearcats enter year two under Tommy Tuberville as The American favorites — that’s the conference; Cincinnati isn’t America’s team. I think that’s trademarked. Cincinnati was tabbed the AAC favorite by the AAC media. It’s a bit of a spotlight on a program that is chasing the next level of success: expectations. Cincinnati has […]

Eventually, Diesel and his pals need to sack up.

Muffed Punts: Apparently the season starts this week

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Last column of this sort before the season starts. It’s been a great tradition. All three of them so far and all. Traditions are funny things. I have no idea how many times something needs to happen to be a “tradition.” In dating, it’s always useful after basically you don’t want to […]

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Terry’s Preseason Top 25

With the college football season set to kick off on Wednesday night with Abilene Christian squaring off against Georgia State, it’s time for me to release my preseason poll. I will update these rankings each week as the season progresses, moving teams up and down according to what transpires on the gridiron. When examining my […]


Editorial Section: Week One Roundtable

Our topic for today’s Editors’ Roundtable is a very simple one: Game. Week. Say my name: “GAME. WEEK.” * Question No. 1: A general question before tackling the specifics of week one: How much stock do you normally put into week-one performances? Bart Doan: On Twitter


Breaking Down the Gate Crashers: Marshall Thundering Herd

The Marshall Thundering Herd may be the longest of shots that have been highlighted in this collection of potential teams that could grab the at-large big in the major bowl games, more so than Louisiana-Lafayette. Marshall faces a difficult challenge: its schedule. It’s not difficult in terms of whom Marshall plays; it’s difficult in that […]


The Z Section: An Introduction To A New Season

See that photo above? We’ve arrived at the time of year when college football begins again, meaning that through the first weekend of April, you’ll see football or basketball games with student sections all over the country. Yes, for the next seven and a half months, we have big-ticket college sports in our lives — […]


Editorial Section: Three Big-Picture College Football Topics

GAME WEEK! GAME WEEK! GAME WEEK! We made it, everybody! Tomorrow, we’re going to talk about the 2014 season precisely because it’s GAME WEEK! However, before we devote all our energy to what’s in front of us, it’s important to gather ourselves for a moment and take stock of what’s now in the past, starting […]


The BCS Era As Seen Through Its Quarterbacks

As everyone knows, college football is stepping through a threshold this season, leaving the Bowl Championship Series behind and entering the world of the College Football Playoff. With the sport embarking upon a new journey, it is caught between two worlds. The new system, such as it is (it’s really just 13 people deciding based […]


Breaking Down the Gate Crashers: UCF Knights

Central Florida had a hell of a 2013 season that no one really saw coming. No one thought that the Knights were going to win the AAC. Yet, they went to Louisville, came from behind, and won in a dramatic manner. In the 2014 Fiesta Bowl, most people thought that the Knights were going to […]


Statistical Summer: Carrying The Run Of Play

There’s more to be said in response to the question, “How much does a four-yards-per-carry average matter in a game?” Our overview of this issue got things started, but how do the nation’s FBS teams stack up within the context of their conferences? That’s what we’ll look at in this final installment of our Statistical […]

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7 More Random Plays to Fire You Up for College Football Season

With the FBS regular season slated to begin Wednesday night with Abilene Christian facing off against Georgia State, it’s time to provide one final list of plays to get you ready for the college football season. Much like last week’s edition, this list will have a little bit of everything. 7 – Lutzenkirchen’s Extra Effort […]


Statistical Summer: Four Yards And A Cloud Of Stats

Who needs three yards and a cloud of dust when you can have four yards and a cloud of stats? The Statistical Summer ends today at The Student Section, with the first game week of the FBS season upon us. Spend the final FBS-free weekend of 2014 mulling over some statistics that have helped shape […]