Editorial Section: Big Ten Roundtable, Part One

With Big Ten Media Days beginning today in Chicago, it’s time to discuss Jim Delany’s conference. The Student Section’s Big Ten roundtable will be presented in two parts. Today, we’ll focus on the heavyweights in the league. Tomorrow, in part two, we’ll tackle the newcomers (Maryland and Rutgers) and the topic of divisional realignment. For […]

If Michigan State were a stock, quit your job and buy all of it.

B1G Predictions: Sparty Hard

By Bart Doan On Twitter @TheCoachBart Like the kid that goes home for the summer in middle school and comes back 6 inches taller in the fall (back when kids actually used to go back to school in the fall and not basically right after Independence Day), Michigan State grew up a lot last year. […]

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7 Season Changing Plays

Five weeks from today, we’ll be recapping the first full Saturday of college football. No matter which college campus you visit, it’s easy to feel the excitement in air. Are you ready? Just in case you’re still in Major League Baseball mode, here is a list of seven season-changing plays to get you fired up […]

Michigan will suddenly need wins to keep the smiles on faces ... and backsides in the seats.

Michigan football tinkering with its soul

Michigan’s athletic department is fourth in the nation in total revenue, bringing in over $143,000,000 in 2013. That also registered as second in the B1G … ahead of rival Ohio State. In a word or two, it’s “not broke.” And if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it, right? But there are lies, damn lies, and […]


The 10 Best Play Calls Of The 2013 Season

Some play calls are simply fun. In fact, if you look at this YouTube video of the 100 best plays of the 2013 season (you’re welcome), you’ll see a lot of trick plays, some of them even more impressive in terms of raw execution or the concepts involved (or both): *Waits for you to watch […]

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Time for the Big Ten to step up to the plate in a critical season

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is preparing his speech to the media assembled in Chicago on Monday. It will be long. It will assertive. It will be full of all of the great numbers that show us just how successful the Big Ten conference is, and he will be absolutely right. The Big Ten remains the […]

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The 10 Worst Officiating Mistakes Of The 2013 Season

Officiating college football is a much tougher job than it used to be. The speed and power of the athletes have increased, but the speed of the game has increased as well. Faster athletes running hurry-up-no-huddle offenses with spread formations and more downfield passes make life a lot harder for the on-field arbiters of college […]

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7 Coaches on the Hot Seat

Now that the College Football Playoff is here, coaches will be under more pressure to win than ever before. In today’s age of instant gratification, coaches won’t have the luxury of having a down year or a rebuilding campaign. They must win, and they must win NOW. Rightly or wrongly, this type of thinking will […]


Flashback Friday: The Miracle at Michigan

With Pac-12 Media Days this week and the focus on the “haves” in college football, it got me thinking: What has happened to Colorado? In the old Big Eight Conference, the Buffaloes peaked under Bill McCartney in the early 1990s and were a major factor in the world of college football. From 1989 to 1990, […]

For ESPN's Justin Connolly, the SEC Network will be shying away from hard news and investigative pieces. Why they're doing so is up to your opinion.

Ethical questions abound with CFB Playoff, SEC Network

By Bart Doan On Twitter @TheCoachBart Years from now, we’ll probably look back on this and think we all should have known better. The college football year 2004 changed everything, from our first real anger at the BCS having a fatal flaw when three major powers in the sport went undefeated and the title game […]

Bret Bielema

The Coaching Pay Paradox

Eighteen months ago, Arkansas needed a coach to stabilize a program that was flailing following Bobby Petrino’s ignominious exit and a year of John L. Smith’s, um, “caretaking.” Athletics director Jeff Long emerged from his search with Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema as his pick. Under the terms of the six-year contract Bielema signed, Arkansas guaranteed […]

The hard part for Oregon will be to make the College Football Playoff. However, if the Ducks do crack the top four, they know that if they can win their semifinal, they would enter the national championship game with the rhythm and flow they lacked in the 2011 BCS National Championship Game against Auburn. That's going to be one of the main differences between the College Football Playoff and the BCS: The teams in the national title game will now be roughly one week removed from a game, instead of entering the field following a one-month layoff. Oregon is precisely the kind of team that stands to benefit from such an arrangement... but only if it can first put itself in position to make use of it.

Pac-12 Roundtable: Power Dynamics, Petersen, And Playoffs

Pac-12 Media Days conclude today. Day one contained a few too many glitches and poor decisions, but if the league can throw its best fastball when the regular season begins, a lot of people will forget about television distribution for a little bit. It’s the latest editors’ roundtable at The Student Section, as we focus […]


Pac-12 Plus-Minus: How Good Deeds Get Overlooked

On so many levels, Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott has brought fresh thinking and forward-looking leadership to the West’s power conference. This was never more apparent on Wednesday morning in Los Angeles than when Scott talked about his league’s efforts to study — and fund — ways to better address the problem of head trauma among […]

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Big 12 Roundtable: Bedlam, Baylor and Bevo

Big 12 Media Days have come and gone. As each power conference enters the media spotlight this week, you’re going to read a discussion about it. Here’s our installment on the Big 12, which exited the scene in 2013 by affirming the staying power of a familiar brand name in college football while elevating a […]