If Jake Waters plays his best game on Thursday night, his counterpart -- Auburn's Nick Marshall -- will have to be just as good. If Waters plays his A-game and Marshall is no better than a "B," Kansas State will have an excellent chance of springing the upset.

Auburn-Kansas State: Keys to a Wildcats Upset

Is a trap game still a trap game if everyone recognizes it’s a trap game? Unfortunately for wily coot Bill Snyder, he has lost the element of surprise. Snyder’s teams have tripped up so many unsuspecting foes in his 58 years as Kansas State’s head coach that Thursday night’s trip to the Little Apple has […]

CFB Virginia-Louisville 2014

Conference Rankings: USC is keeping The Pac-12 from being the best

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Well, this column was only a matter of time coming, like a terrible but popular band having a few good albums and then one of the guys deciding it’s a good idea to go solo and make even more terrible music that mostly sounds the same. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, the […]


College Football Viewer’s Guide: Week 4

The first few weeks of a college football season are generally scheduled in advance of the opening weekend. In the first two to three weeks of a season, the proliferation of non-conference games — combined with the fact that big-name teams have few to no losses — makes it comparatively easier for ESPN and other […]

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Indiana at a crossroads after loss to Bowling Green

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Like a girl that keeps bringing back around the same guy after a few minor tweaks and changes, it was supposed to be different this time for Indiana football. However, after another mind-numbing loss … perhaps the most damaging of the Kevin Wilson era … Indiana football truly finds itself at a […]


Florida’s impossible mission: beating Alabama

As a head coach, Will Muschamp has faced his former head coach Nick Saban only once. That didn’t go so well for Florida, as the Gators lost 38-10 to an Alabama team that would win the national championship later in the 2011 season. That was Muschamp’s first season. Muschamp is now in his fourth season, but […]

Everything had to go right for Auburn to make the one-year transition from outhouse to penthouse. Can another team possibly make that quantum leap in 2014?

Auburn-Kansas State: Are The Tigers Ready For The Wildcats’ Best Punch?

The college football season is about to shift into full-time conference competition across the country, but on Thursday, Auburn and Kansas State will add one more intersectional encounter to the September slate. This is precisely the kind of clash college football needs to witness on a more regular basis. Two teams are taking a huge […]

CFB Devin Gardner 4

Devin Gardner needs to be better. The end.

On Twitter @TheCoachBart There was this thing going around this past offseason, and it wasn’t 22 Jump Street, which I’m pretty sure all of about seven people paid to watch. It was this thing about the starting quarterback job at Michigan. It shouldn’t have been a thing, and really, inside the walls that mattered, it […]

CFB Kentucky play clock

The Kentucky-Florida Play-Clock Controversy Doesn’t Have To Happen Ever Again

After a wild weekend as far as officiating was concerned, I looked at five separate controversies plus a situation in which the replay process worked exactly as it should have.  One situation not examined in that linked piece was the play-clock controversy at the end of the Kentucky-Florida game. It’s a situation the Southeastern Conference […]


5 Officiating Controversies From The Past Weekend

My goodness, this was some kind of weekend for college football. Once again, a slate of games that seemed to hold very little box-office appeal turned into a very entertaining 12 hours. Only the late games fizzled for the most part, and even then, Nevada-Arizona proved to be an exception in that regard. Part of […]

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Poll Dancing: Week 4

On Twitter @TheCoachBart This is the first Dumb Laws edition. Full disclosure: this is one of my favorite versions of the poll because I don’t need to make stuff up and hope it’s funny … the law does it for me. Special thanks to this Dumb Laws website for providing an endless stream of hilariously […]


Clemson, You’re In Big Trouble

In this week’s attempt to make sense of the just-completed college football weekend, there are several fairly easy calls to make in terms of identifying weaklings and teases across the country. Virginia Tech is a tease, given its loss to East Carolina. So is USC, at least as far as 2014 is concerned, though maybe […]