The Student Section Midseason Coach Of The Year: Not Unanimous, But Someone From The SEC

There are 16 weeks in a college football season, though the sixteenth “week” is the Army-Navy reunion and nothing else. After eight weeks, though, a college football fan is entitled to think that the “midseason” has arrived. The editors at The Student Section therefore unveil their selections for the coach of the year in the […]

Bloguin Heisman Poll

The 2014 Bloguin Heisman Poll, week eight

Last week Dak Prescott jumped into the lead of the Bloguin Heisman Poll after his Mississippi State Bulldogs beat the Auburn Tigers. With a week off, would the voters see someone else who impressed them more than Dak has so far this year? Would Jameis Winston’s performance against Notre Dame bring him back to the […]


Like it or not, here comes the B1G

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect There’s a part in the Bible about the wailing and gnashing of teeth. The first thought that comes to your mind usually is, “Someone must have foreseen Pitbull’s music career taking off.” It’s actually about getting into heaven, or rather, not. But come December, it will be the reaction […]


The Week That Were: 10.18.14

EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s another cross-post from Bloguin’s Ohio State site, The Buckeye Battle Cry. Be sure to check out tBBC  and Bloguin’s Penn State site, NittanyLionsDen, for coverage of this week’s Big Ten clash. * Let’s start this week with the big “upset,” where West Virginia hosted and halted the mighty Baylor offense in a Big […]

CFB TCU fans

Poll Dancing: Playoff Edition No. 2

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect During the writing of this piece (which doesn’t take exceedingly long, mind you), Baylor will be flagged for 6 more pass interference penalties, Texas A&M will give up 30 points, and Bill Gates will make $295 times how many seconds it takes this to be finished. College football almost […]


Sad fan index, week eight

One of the best things about college football is the passion fans have for their team, their university, and their players. Of course, being so passionate about something also means that from time to time you get your heart broken. On gameday, Twitter is an amazing way to follow the ups and downs of college […]

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Florida State

If Notre Dame Runs The Table, It’s Probably Going To Be In Very Good Shape

The aftermath of Saturday’s riveting and consequential Notre Dame-Florida State demands further discussion, as does the Kansas State-Oklahoma game. Neither contest can be fully processed without an examination of what the result means for both teams. That’s the newest roundtable at The Student Section. * Question No. 1: How, if at all, did the Notre […]


Notre Dame-Florida State: A Classic Rich In Personality And Passion

Classic. The word — if not an overused one — is reflexively chosen in the wake of a dramatic and close sporting event of appreciable significance. Many ordinary sporting events — played at a mediocre or slightly above-average level for the duration — might be graced with a classic finish or a classic moment, but […]

CFB will muschamp

Immature on-field culture at Florida signals time for change

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect It was January of 2013, and you could see it then. Louisville and Florida were playing in the Sugar Bowl, and Louisville was going to win going away. Florida players were laying a few big hits here and there in a mostly done-with situation, celebrating like they were up […]

Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State Makes the Plays It Needs To, Vaults into Playoff Picture

Sometimes a team doesn’t need to dominate both sides of the football to win a contest. It simply needs to do what it does best and avoid making costly mistakes. That’s what Kansas State did against Oklahoma. Make no mistake about it: the Wildcats were not perfect, especially on defense. The run defense, the fourth […]