NCAA Football: Mississippi at Louisiana State

LSU Remains LSU, and Ole Miss no longer remains unbeaten

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect At some point in the night, Les Miles is going to go home, tap his pet cobra on the head, then go back behind the shed, find his burlap sack, and make sure he still has a little of that LSU black magic in it. It what will undoubtedly […]


College Basketball Preseason Top 26: 12-9

The Student Section is ramping up for the start of college basketball season with its “top-26-because-25-simply-was-not-enough” preview. Steve Fetch has covered teams 26-22 and, earlier this week, 16-13. Meanwhile, I covered teams 21-17. We are now hitting the point of the preview where all of the teams listed have a legitimate shot at a Final […]


She’s All That. And Just Maybe, so is Ohio State

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS at @TheStudentSect Way back in 1999, a different century ago, Freddie Prinze, Jr. starred in this movie “She’s All That” as a cool kid in school (SHOCKING ROLE FOR HIM) who was charged with turning a pretend-not-cute social outcast into a prom queen within a six-week time frame. It’s a […]

Saban Kiffin

Flashback Friday: A look back at the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry

Usually I feature one game during my “Flashback Friday” column, but this week I thought it would be interesting to take a video look back at a famous rivalry that has lost a bit of luster. If you just became a fan of college football, you might not be familiar with the “Third Saturday in […]

North Carolina Academic Scandal A Stain On Program And University

It was born, in theory, out of good intentions. That is the most frustrating thing about the massive academic fraud situation that is took place for nearly two decades at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. That scandal, which involved thousands of students and student-athletes taking part in a “shadow curriculum” of paper classes within […]


College Football Viewer’s Guide: Week Nine

It’s one of the laws of college football physics: When anyone says that a given week is going to be dull, at least in certain spots, that week — especially the supposedly dull game window — springs to life. Last week, that law was violated. In the week-eight viewer’s guide, the 3:30 window was characterized […]


The Really Absurd College Football Events Of Week Eight

The past week in college football featured one very important call the officials and replay booth got correct, whereas fans and writers watching on television were wrong (but understandably so). More about that incident will come later in this piece, but first, let’s hit the most ridiculous aspects of the week that was. * LENGTH […]

It's no idle coincidence that this sign -- a pointed commentary about the relationship between ESPN and the SEC -- was displayed at Florida State University, the national champion of college football and a member of the ACC. If the ACC's recent achievements had occurred under the banner of the SEC, everyone knows they would have received far more publicity... because it would have made good business sense for ESPN to grant that level of publicity.

Bo Pelini was right about ESPN And the SEC, but hopefully it won’t matter

On Twitter @TheCoachBart Follow TSS @TheStudentSect Like peering off into the distance and seeing the clouds whir by with a black sky on the horizon, sometimes, things are just easy to see coming. So you get that lawn cut just a little quicker than you otherwise would. When the College Football Playoff was created and […]


College Basketball Preseason Top 26: 16-13

The toughest teams for me personally to rank are mid-majors (or, since I hate that term, teams that are commonly referred to as mid-majors). Even with the increased parity in college basketball, watching Gonzaga destroy WCC team after WCC team does not provide clarity into whether this Gonzaga squad, as the yearly refrain goes, is […]

Bob Stoops

Bob Stoops Keeps Feeding the Beast at Oklahoma

The mind of the modern fan is notorious for selective hearing when it comes to the national dialogue about a favorite team. I don’t think I’m wrong, though, when I say the conversation about Oklahoma and its head coach has a pretty familiar glide path every time the Sooners lose: Stop me if you’ve heard […]