AJ Bruhn (Managing Editor)

Welcome to The Sunshine Skate!

I am a lifelong lover of the game of hockey, and Head Beard at The Sunshine Skate. Originally from suburban Chicago, I have called South Florida home for the past few years, fulfilling a lifetime dream to live in a place where your commute is as dangerous as traversing the Oregon Trail. Except with a lot less dysentery.

All kidding aside, I have a very deep obsession with the game of hockey. I have a noted interest in stats, but I truly shine as a hockey history/trivia buff. I love researching historical points of interest, and finding different, interesting ways to look at the game. That’s why I have a membership in the Society for International Hockey Research. I also love to take the long view and get lost in the minutiae of hockey dealings. Basically, I’m a geek.

I can be found posting hockey thoughts, stupid comments, and occasional cat photos on Twitter @semajruhtra. I also livetweet games on @SunshineSkateFL. Follow for the game thoughts, stay for the article links and cat gifs.

You can also e-mail the blog at thesunshineskate@gmail.com

Angie (Senior Staff Writer)

I’m a medieval historian by training, or at least I conned a university into believing I was enough of one for them to give me a master’s degree. While slacking off on my Latin translations for said degree, I taught myself hockey statistics and have been yelling about them ever since.

I don’t believe in cheering for other teams when you could be cheering for your home team. I like puck moving defensemen, defensively irresponsible forwards, and Aleksander Barkov. Yeah, yeah, one of those things is not like the others.

Cat and pony pictures can be found at @whyangiewhy on instagram and with extra yelling about stats, intersectional feminism, and Miami at @whyangiewhy on twitter.

Matt & Thomas of Whyhockey (Senior Staff Writers)

Bonded by their Panthers fanhood far from Sunrise, Matthew O’Brien (@OB_trice21) and Thomas Krulikowski (@Tommykru06) grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia playing hockey together. Once they hung up the laces, it wasn’t long before they picked up blogging and podcasting to satisfy their hockey hunger. You can follow Whyhockey on Twitter (@whyhockey) and view their non-Panthers hockey thoughts on whyhockey.com.

Christy (Lead Artist)

Christy, AKA @HockeyBabbler, became a freelance artist one day when she was bitten by a radioactive stylus. She is an aspiring editor and a masochistic fan of the San Jose Sharks and Toronto Maple Leafs. You can find her on twitter (@HockeyBabbler), on tumblr and you can commission her for a doodle over here.

Sarah (Lead Photographer/Media Specialist)

I’m Sarah, 19 years old and a Sunrise native. I’ve been a Panthers fan my whole life but I didn’t actually become involved in the community until I started my blog. I started taking pictures at games for fun and then noticed a huge lack of Panthers content on tumblr and wanted to change that. Now I hope that I’m also reaching new fans as well as increasing visibility on social media for our players, fans, and the organization.

I’m @hockeypaws on tumblr & @sweaterpaws on twitter and instagram – send me pictures of cats!

Devon (Senior Staff Writer/Media Specialist)

A Sunrise native, I was born the same year as the Panthers and they have been Number One in My Heart for the past 21 years. I have a soft spot for defensemen and a deep appreciation for the finesse and grace of the sport.

I am still learning the fine art of fancystats and am always open to learning and discussing all things hockey! I can be found @mudfleas on twitter, if you are into passive aggressive, catty hockey commentary.