Game Day Thoughts (4/20/16)

Tonight is pivotal Game 4 in Brooklyn. I bet we are all starting to feel a little tense out there. Want to feel better about the Panthers chances tonight?

I’ve got the numbers for you! 59-46. This is the Game 4 record of the team trailing 2-1 in a series, playing on the road (read: the situation the Panthers are in). Overall, the trailing team has a record of 95-81 in Game 4. So if you want to take solace in anything, know that history is on the side of the Panthers on this night. Of course, every situation has its own dynamic, and this is still not a great situation to be in. The visiting team that trails 2-1 does not win the majority of series, 33 out of 105 series to exact. However, to focus on the series as a whole right now is futile. Now is the time to stay within the game at hand, and that is Game 4.

Also take this into account: 0%. This is the on-ice shooting percentage for the Huberdeau-Barkov-Jagr line. Meanwhile, they are generating an insane 91.4 CF/60. This cannot and will not continue. Barkov and Huberdeau each have two points in their last 2 games, independent of the line. Its a matter of time before these guys impose their will and take over a game.

I am also thinking that Roberto Luongo will likely benefit from the 2 days of rest. He had a 22-7-4 during the regular season when getting that kind of rest prior to a game. That contrasts rather heavily with his record when getting 1 or fewer days of rest before a game: 13-12-2. Its not just the record that is markedly effected either. Luongo turned in a very average .910 save percentage when getting 1 or fewer days of rest. His save percentage consequently jumps to a sterling .932 when getting 2 or more days of rest. Save percentage is generally a stat of dubious use, however, given how big of a difference there is between these two marks in this situation, this should give one pause when it comes to Luongo’s workload.

As for tonight, given a rested Luongo, a first line poised to strike, and the general history of trailing teams in Game 4, I’m feeling pretty good about tonight’s game. Now, we wait.

AJ Bruhn

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