NFL Reactor: Jets Drop Out, Bengals Back In

New York Giants 29, New York Jets 14

This was by far and beyond my pick for “game of the week.” What could be better? The two teams from the Big Apple duking it out with both of their potential playoff lives on the line. That’s the definition of meaningful football.

Unfortunately for the Jets, their quarterback is Mark Sanchez who spent much of the game ensuring a loss. Ultimately, turnovers killed the Jets, and they were never able to recover. This loss is on the shoulders of Mark Sanchez, and it was made worse by the Bengals winning over the Cardinals. Now, the Jets are once again on the outside looking in, and they no longer control their own destiny.

The Giants played a game that was completely opposite the Jets’ game. They kept their heads despite trailing 7-0 right off the bat, and they were never forced to really open it up. They took what the Jets would give them, and they capitalized on the Jets turnovers in big ways. The MVP of the game has to be the Giants defensive line who put Mark Sanchez under continuous pressure. With the win, we’re all set up for a winner-take-all game next weekend against the Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.

Arizona Cardinals 16, Cincinnati Bengals 23

It would have taken a near miracle for the Cardinals to make it into the post-season, but they were still alive coming into a key matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get off to a quick start, or any kind of start for that matter, and a late effort to make the game competitive was all for not. The Cardinals were hampered by 3 John Skelton interceptions that prevented the Cardinals from ever making this a competitive matchup.

With the win, and the Jets’ loss, the Bengals move back into control of their own destiny as the 6 seed in the AFC playoffs. Their problem is that they have to play the Baltimore Ravens, who aren’t in position to roll over and play dead as the Steelers are breathing down the Ravens’ neck for the divisional title. In a nut shell, the Bengals’ situation is simple. Win, and they’re in.

Oakland Raiders 16, Kansas City Chiefs 13 – Final OT

In another of the tasty games served up by the NFL this weekend, the Kansas City Chiefs were eliminated from playoff contention by the Raiders. The was a back and forth contest as the score indicates, and neither team was able to separate themselves from the other team.

The Raiders were slightly more efficient on offense, and it paid off in the long run. The win puts them back in a tie for the AFC West division with the Broncos at 8-7 and a potential tie with the Chargers should they win this evening. The Raiders square off against the Chargers next weekend while the Broncos will play the Chiefs.

Other Games:

Cleveland Browns 14, Baltimore Ravens 20
Denver Broncos 14, Buffalo Bills 40
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16, Carolina Panthers 48
Miami Dolphins 24, New England Patriots 27
St. Louis Rams 0, Pittsburgh Steelers 27
Jacksonville Jaguars 17, Tennessee Titans 23
Minnesota Vikings 33, Washington Redskins 26

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