NFL Reactor: Last-Minute Score Gives Colts Upset Over Texans

Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images North America

It looked like the Houston Texans would eke their way to a win on the strength of a Dan Orlovsky fumble, but Orlovsky went from hero to goat in the final 20 seconds, hitting Reggie Wayne to cap off a two-minute drill and give the Colts their first and only touchdown of the game in a 19-16 win. The Texans took a first-minute lead when Arian Foster converted Orlovsky’s fumble into a score, but the Texans struggled to move the ball throughout the game. The Colts were somewhat more proficient, but kept bogging down in field goal range until Orlovsky completed the final drive. With the comeback victory, the Colts missed out on a chance to clinch the first overall pick, while the loss very likely means the Texans will not have a first-round bye.

What I Liked
Texans rookie defensive end J.J. Watt continued his excellent year, batting Dan Orlovsky passes at the line of scrimmage and disrupting the Colts’ running game. Until the very end of the game, that is.
Texans wideout Jacoby Jones’ fourth quarter triple-deflection catch.
Dan Orlovsky’s composure against the blitz. The Texans tried to blitz him, and he mostly stayed in there and hit some big passes, including a 44-yard gain to Reggie Wayne that set up the final touchdown.

What I Didn’t Like
Colts red zone execution. Adam Vinatieri attempted three field goals in their four red zone trips, and if the Texans don’t give them extra chances, they probably don’t make it to the end zone.
Texans playcalling on third down. After the early touchdown, they probably assumed they didn’t need to take any risks on offense, but they’ve consistently tried to hide Yates on third down. To win in the playoffs, they’ll have to convert some of those.
Texans defensive composure on the final drive. Three penalties once the Colts made the red zone on the last possession, including two by J.J. Watt, though one was an unfortunate result.