NFL Week 14 Preview: The Vikings Game Will Test Jim Schwartz’ Control Of His Lions

Jim Schwartz

Sunday, 1:00 P.M. ET, FOX (709), Direct TV (Min 138, Det 92)

Why Watch
The question is whether Detroit knows how to handle success or not. Once, we cheered for the Lions as well as the Bills and the Bengals. America loves the underdog. The Lions brought a ray of sunshine to its hard-pressed city. That’s why citizens view pro teams as public utilities. Players represent just like elected officials. We will watch this game to see if the Lions represent as a team of strength or unfocused bullies.

What To Watch
The Lions might have lost to the Saints anyway last Sunday even with Ndamukong Suh in the line-up. The Saints at home are just that good. The Vikings are no test for the Lions’ defense, with or without Suh. Adrian Peterson and Christian Ponder are both questionable. Used in a sentence: It makes questionable sense for Minnesota to risk their health in a meaningless game.  Pros want to play. We will see.

The hardnosed Lions reflect their coach. We love that Jim Schwartz has the team amped up to be hard-hitting and aggressive. At the pro level, toughness gets you in the discussion. Precision wins titles. Detroit’s eleven penalties in each of their last two games are a measure of imprecision fueled by over-emotion on the big stage. The Lions are 2-4 since Schwartz’ over-the-top reaction to Jim Harbaugh’s post-game handshake. If the Lions make the post season, the Saints, Packers or 49ers will surely be in their path. Can Coach Schwartz prep these guys to win a rematch without hurting the effort? A workmanlike, boring, precise win over Minnesota will tell us. Detroit is favored by 10.

Who Will Win
The Vikings are outclassed in every way, especially if Ponder or Peterson sits. DETROIT

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