5 potential draft day shockers

With the NFL schedule now out, all draft buzz has practically faded away. While some couldn’t contain their excitement over discussing the possible fun 2012-2013 matchups, everyone knows that you win games in September to January and not in April.

April is draft season!

With that being said here hoping that this article will get folks back to thinking about the NFL draft. By now some things have settled and people “think “they have a pretty good grasp of how the draft will go. Experts are starting to put out their final mock drafts with the draft only 8 days away.

Here are 5 potential storylines that COULD possibly happen and change the whole landscape of the draft.

1) The Vikings pass on Matt Kalil

While the top 3 picks are set to be a lock, there is now buzz that the Vikings will entertain the idea of looking at LSU CB Mo Claiborne and WR Justin Blackmon.

Per Evan Silva, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said on #Vikings at 3: “Matt Kalil is not a lock … They’re taking a long hard look at Morris Claiborne & Justin Blackmon.”

Vikings star Jared Allen added on PFT “I like that Claiborne kid out of LSU. “

While I believe these are smoke screens, it certainly would shake up the draft if the Vikings decided to pass on the best Offensive Tackle prospect since Jake Long.

2) Ryan Tannehill drops out of the top 10

While this wouldn’t be an absolute shocked as most people don’t grade Tannehill as a top 10 pick, it is still heavily believed that should the Browns pass on him at 4 ( which is likely at this point) the Dolphins will snap him at 8, connecting him with his former Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman.

Some view Tannehill as an opportunist climbing to the top 10 without Landry Jones and Matt Barkley in this year draft and others view him as a legitimate franchise QB prospect.

3) Courtney Upshaw drops to the second round

The talented outside linebacker at one point had gained steam to even potentially being a top 10 pick but more recent buzz is that Upshaw COULD drop to the 2nd round. Both Russell Lande and Todd Mcshay have hinted that there is something missing with Upshaw that has team concerned.

4) The Eagles trade up to the top 10

There has been recent speculation that the Eagles might look to the Browns or elsewhere in the top 10 in order to trade up for either CB Fletcher Cox or QB Ryan Tannehill. While I am not buying the interest in Tannehill, with Samuels on the trading block per Shefty, the Eagles interest in Cox makes a lot of sense.

5) Brock Osweiler goes before Brandon Weeden

Osweiler has the size and look of a franchise QB but for me there is definitely something missing on the field. There are many out there that say that GM’s around the league have placed a 2nd round grade on Osweiler, and due to Weeden’s age it could lead to him dropping out of the first round. In my personal opinion Weeden is the significantly better QB but stranger things have happened.

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