7 Defining Moments Of Championship Weekend

The playoffs are naturally a high stakes endeavour. The jokes that revolve around the punchline of, “no pressure” seem to multiply at an exponential rate once January hits. That’s especially the case during championship weekend where a few plays can determine whether a team is headed home or to the Super Bowl. This year, we were treated to a pair of unbelievable games that had us sitting on the edge of our seats as the clock marched onward towards triple zeros. Here’s the seven moments that defined championship weekend:

Steven Tyler’s Rendition Of The Star Spangled Banner


This one left everyone shaking their heads. To be honest, I thought the day was off to a terrible start after hearing Steven Tyler sing the national anthem, but it was better from there on out.

Tom Brady’s Touchdown Plunge


Tom Brady wins games with his arm, but few of us thought we’d see him going over the top for the win in a game he didn’t throw a touchdown. It was strange times in Foxboro, but the Patriots are back in the big game. That seems to balance it out.

Lee Evans’ Not-Quite-Touchdown Catch

Few people felt worse following the two games yesterday than Billy Cundiff (see below), but Lee Evans may be one of them. He had the winning touchdown firmly in his clutches only to have it popped out at the last possible second. It proved to be the most iconic drop of the season.

Billy Cundiff’s Chip-Shot Shank


Kicks like this only further the myth that kickers “are headcases.” While some may be and others may not be, it’s hard to imagine this won’t effect Cundiff going forward. Remember Vanderjagt’s 46 yard shank? He was never the same.

Kyle Williams’ Punt Gaffe Part 1


First off, there’s no way Williams didn’t feel the ball hit him, and it clearly did hit him. He actually deserves props for acting like it didn’t touch him. Had he immediately sprinted to get the ball, everyone in the stadium would have known it hit him. It didn’t matter though. The Giants challenged the play and won, giving them the ball just inside the 49ers’ 30 yard line.

Kyle Williams’ Punt Gaffe Part 2


If Kyle Williams’ first mistake hurt, this one killed the 49ers. I think if I’m coaching in overtime of a conference championship game, I may go ahead and just tell my return man to fair catch it or get far, far away from the ball. But hey, that’s just me.

Lawrence Tynes Sends The Giants To The Super Bowl (Again)


I can’t say I’m disappointed to see a rematch between the Patriots and the Giants. This kick was a simple 31 yard field goal, but as we saw earlier in the day, it’s still no gimme kick. There you have it, the Giants and the Patriots in the Super Bowl once again.

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