Chad Ochocinco promises to be a problem

During the summer months, NFL news can often slow to a grinding halt. That’s part of the reason we carry off-topic pieces/interesting takes on the current situation (such as the “What they might be thinking” series). During these slow times of the NFL calender, one man can almost always be counted on to give us some juicy material to discuss.

Enter Chad Ochocinco, or Chad Johnson as he’s now calling himself, and his glorious Twitter feed.

For those of you that get upset by players’ shenanigans, you should enjoy such comical acts as forms of entertainment. Yes, they result in fines passed down from Goodell, but that fine money is donated to many worthy charities. Clearly players that act in such ways aren’t too worried about the money, and it’s their money to spend as they wish. For that reason, I say bring on the crazy celebrations and acts such as the ones below.

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