Does Twitter ruin the draft?

Last night as a sat around a table of 35 guys enjoying the NFL draft there was something that I noticed. While all of anxiously awaited the picks of each team and to see what teams would trade up, I noticed that there was one guy at the table who was at least 1 or 2 minutes a head of everyone else.

One person at the table had access to twitter where picks and trades were publicized a good 1 or 2 minutes before being broadcasted on ESPN or NFL Network.

Like everything else these days it seemed as though pending on who you follow that your twitter timeline was a third alternative to ESPN and NFL Network when watching the NFL draft.

While I am a huge twitter advocate, the aspect of the speedy reporting on twitter did take away from some of the suspense of the NFL draft. The TV networks were told by the NFL to avoid showing the phone call process in draft room to increase the suspense and mystery of the draft but this seemed to be a failed attempt with the information available on twitter.

Twitter even led to a player being prank called, convincing Mohamed Sanu that he had been drafted by the Bengals in the first round.

Twitter is a fun means to interact with fans and friends to discuss the draft but it is also a dangerous tool.

While there is no question, twitter and social media has created a whole new world for fans however I am not so sure it has left a positive impact on the draft.

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