Dr. Ann McKee could be the end of football, or its salvation


Much has been made in recent years about the connection between the violent game of football and brain damage that has been attributed to the repeated abuse players receive during their playing years.

The above piece is from the four letter network, ESPN, but it's an insightful look into the work of Dr. Ann McKee, one of the world's leading researchers on the effects of repeated trauma to the brain.

Jane Leavy spent significant time with Dr. McKee, getting a feel for the unique position McKee finds herself in. That position is of leading research that could ultimately destroy the NFL as we know it all the while being a diehard Green Bay Packers fan.

McKee has provided the NFL and the world tangible evidence of brain damage resulting from repeated hits sustained on the playing field.

The key to making the dangerous game of football safer is to arm ourselves with knowledge. That's what Dr. McKee is trying to give us. If that knowledge eventually results in the end of American football as we know it, so be it. If knowledge is power, Dr. McKee is a powerful tool that can help the NFL, and at this point, the NFL is trying to work with McKee to make football a safer game while maintaining its integrity.

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