Fantasy football drafting season is right around the corner

While the NFL opener is still over 3 weeks away on Sept 5th, fantasy football’s biggest day is approaching many leagues out there.  While I encourage owners and commissioners to wait until at least the 3rd week of August to draft some people just don’t have the patience.  The draft is the Super Bowl of the fantasy football season. The draft is where dreams come or misery plagues you over what could have been.

That being said we at are here to help you. Throughout the season many of the staff writers will be giving fantasy advice and sleeper picks as fantasy is no joke to us.  

My biggest piece of advice for you out there about to enter fantasy drafts is not to go into drafts close minded. Many players get trapped into a strategy and stick to it no matter who is on the board. There is no recipe for success, whether you take a QB in round 1 or you go to the conventional RB, RB drafting strategy.

Be like the pros, the best and most efficient way to draft is BPA (Best player available). Don’t reach unless you REALLY are set on a guy, otherwise draft the best player on your board and adjust your team after. Players will big names and value will be easy to trade.

While you’re dealing with some of the best minds out there here at, here are a couple of twitter handles that you should be following to help you out with your fantasy draft.

@evansilva – Senior Editor at Rotoworld, simply a must follow for fantasy players out there

@ChrisWesseling – Another rotoworld genius

@yahoonoise – Brad Evans is probably the most entertaining fantasy mind out there

@AlexMiglio – A buddy who works for Pro Football Focus who always has an interesting fantasy take

@4for4_Josh – Josh knows his stuff and is a worthy follow

@PhinsDaniel – That’s me!

Good Luck at your fantasy drafts!

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