Giants’ postseason hopes rely on a wild scenario

The New York Giants aren't dead in the playoff race just yet, but they're certainly on life support. In addition to winning their own game, the Giants need three other games to fall their way. The math doesn't lean in their favor for making the playoffs, but their odds may not be as poor as they look at first glance.

Philadelphia at New York: The first piece of the Giants massive puzzle is taking care of business against the Eagles. Philadelphia has struggled all season, and even though the Giants have dropped the ball in December, a win is perfectly, if not easily, possible.

Chicago at Detroit: Like the Giants, the Bears have gone from a sure-fire playoff team to likely sitting at home after Sunday. The Lions are a weak team, but they hate the Bears, which should give them enough motivation to play reasonably well.

Green Bay at Minnesota: This is a tough sell. The Packers are locked into the NFC's 2nd seed. The hope here is that the Packers don't want to see a division rival in the playoffs. The best hope the Giants have in this game is that the Packers get out to a big lead early, because it seems unlikely Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the starters would play the whole game.

Dallas at Washington: If all goes well, the Giants can sit back and watch the Sunday Night matchup between the Cowboys and the Redskins in Washington. Both teams are on a tear this month, and it's about a tossup. If the Giants' scenario gets this far, they'll be the biggest Redskins fans in the world.

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