Kicker gaffe! Neil Rackers insults 7 NFL divisions while talking up Redskins teammates

Open mouth, insert foot. That’s what someone should be telling Redskins kicker Neil Rackers after he simultaneously insulted 28 NFL teams.

In talking with, Rackers said, “I like the idea of NFC East football. It’s real football. I think it’s a team that’s got an opportunity to do some special things.”

Wait — what?

The NFC East, in my view, is an above average division. Yes, I’m sure that Rackers wasn’t trying to insult anyone, but for other teams in the NFL, and especially those in the AFC South, North, and NFC West, the statement may be slightly irritating.

If this was a linebacker or a running back making the statement, it might warrant a greater response from player around the league, but — you know, Neil Rackers is a kicker, and he doesn’t exactly get into the game often.

I’ve always been a proponent of the idea that kickers and punters, being essential to a team’s success, are indeed football players. That being said, most of them are very replaceable, and they don’t exactly make highlight real plays on a frequent basis. It’s not that I don’t think they should talk about the game they play, but I think they should keep it to talk about their job and not football in general. Still, the irony of hearing a kicker talk about playing “real football” is the type of irony that makes my job so great.

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