Lions cut troubled cornerback Aaron Berry following 2nd arrest

Many have speculated about the future of Aaron Berry with the Detroit Lions following his 2nd arrest of the offseason this past weekend, and the Lions have made their move, cutting the troubled cornerback due to personal conduct.

While the move to cut Berry is likely met with little to no resistance from fans, it can’t be ignored that such a move weakens an already deplorable secondary for the Detroit Lions. Berry was expected to compete for a starting job at cornerback, and the Lions will be looking for someone to fill the gap left by his departure. Berry is entering his 3rd year in the league, and he’ll be looking for a team that is willing to give him another shot at playing in the NFL.

The Lions’ defense last season hemorrhaged yards through the air due to a secondary that was decimated by injuries. Their front four may be among the best in the NFL, but even they weren’t able to get pressure because receivers found openings so quickly in the secondary, allowing the opposing quarterback to find targets far too quickly. Berry’s departure leaves the Lions with no depth cornerback, and it puts even more strain on their front four. Look for the Lions to pick up another cornerback out of free agency in the near future.

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