Making money this NFL season!

At TGS we don’t necessarily promote gambling, but let’s be real the reason the NFL is king is 1) because it’s the best game in the world 2) people love to bet on football.

While there are people who will be trading in their ford escape for a Mercedes Bens after a year of successful betting there are also some who will be sending the kids to public school instead of private as well.

With the 2012/2013 season about to get kicked off we take a look at the more intriguing bets that Vegas have to offer this year.

The typical odds to win the 2013 Super Bowl have some interesting odds as it always does:


Patriots: 9/2

Packers: 6/1

49ers: 8/1

Juicy value odds

Falcons: 25/1 Bears 20/1 Giants 20/1 Saints 20/1

Indianapolis Colts over/under 5 wins

I think this is one of the more intriguing bets out there, the Colts offer a lot of upside and Andrew Luck’s exactly as advertised, the trade for Vontae Davis to help out the defense gives me more reason to think going with the over here is a smart move.

Miami Dolphins over/under 7.5 wins

After a very unimpressive 0-4 preseason and trading away one of their top corners recently, it would be surprising if the Dolphins could clean up their act and put together 8 wins this season, the under seems obvious here.

League Rushing Yards Leader

Arian Foster – +400 Ray Rice + 700 Chris Johnson +700 LeSean McCoy +800

With Mojo having issues with his holdout, I personally believe this battle is a two man race, taking Ray Rice at + 700 is pretty solid value.

To make the playoffs

Falcons: – 138

Ravens: – 168

Bears: + 100

There are some decent odds with these 3 teams who by most standers would be considered very likely to compete for a playoff spot.

AJ Green over 78 Receptions – +170 and Brandon Marshall Over 87 Receptions + 155

Both players are in very good situations to go over. Marshall had 100 reception seasons with Cutler in Denver and doesn’t exactly have elite talent to steal away receptions from him; AJ Green should build off a strong rookie year.

Bet wisely and bet responsibly , Good luck everyone!

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