Morning Huddle – Bloguin edition

A.J. Hawk, you need to wrap up when you tackle.

In this piece, Kyle Rodriguez of Colts Authority looks at some of the similarities between the Colts’ fan base and other teams’ fanbases. The perception, as pointed out by Rodriguez, is that Colts fans are fair weather fans. Being a Hoosier myself, I can tell you that there’s no comparison between Colts or Patriots fans and Steelers or Packers fans. The difference is that the Colts and Patriots have had great success over a small period of time, while the Steelers and Packers have had a high level of success for a very, very long time. All teams have bandwagon fans, but the Colts and Patriots haven’t been great teams long enough, but then again, that’s only my opinion on the matter.

Daniel Eliesen took a look at the Dolphins’ mini camp awhile back. While this piece is dated at this point, I want to draw your attention to Eliesen’s thoughts on the Dolphins’ quarterback battle. Those comments are as relevant now as they were when the piece was written about 2 weeks ago. As the Dolphins’ quarterback battle continues, David Garrard still looks like the man to beat. The question is, does Tannehill get the nod as the starter if he’s close to Garrard, or does he have to win the battle outright?

PJD must not like A.J. Hawk, but that’s where I found the above video. PJD broke down the entire play, pointing out how poor A.J. Hawk was on the play, but I kind of liked his style. The only problem is that he didn’t wrap up on the tackle.

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