NFL preseason superlatives

We're at the end of the NFL preseason, and we're all ready to get the regular season going. It seems appropriate to give out a few NFL superlatives for everyone's efforts this preseason. Here we go.


Most likely to succeed – New England Patriots

The Patriots have the best quarterback and the best head coach. On top of that, they play in a very weak division, especially if the Jets implode like it appears they will. A division title is all but certain for the Patriots.

Most likely to fail – Cleveland Browns

The Browns' best chance for a win comes against Indianapolis in October, and frankly, I think the Colts are miles ahead of the Browns.

Most dysfunctional – New York Jets

Beginning with trading for Tim Tebow and stretching throughout camp, the Jets have been woefully unable to function as a team. It seems as if their owner and head coach aren't on the same page, and they were only able to score one touchdown in 4 preseason games. Yikes.

Cinderella in the making – Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs dealt with a plethora of injuries in 2011, but many think a healthy Chiefs squad could win the AFC West. I'm not sure beating the Broncos and Peyton Manning is realistic, but a wildcard birth is definitely within reach.


Best investment – Andrew Luck

He's shown all the promise in the world this preseason, and it appears that the Colts have landed a true franchise quarterback. The first pick of the draft was a small price to pay if Luck pans out.

Worst investment – Tim Tebow

Why on earth would a team trade for a quarterback that can't throw? Well, the Jets seem to have been more worried about headlines than building a winning team, and I expect it to bite them this season.

Most likely draft bust – Brandon Weeden

Weeden is a solid young talent, but he's not ready to start in a pro setting yet, and he's on what I think is the worst team in the league. Weeden will have to overcome a lot of obstacles to avoid being tabled as a draft bust.

Most likely to be fired first – Rex Ryan

Ryan may have already lost control of his team. If the Jets get off to a slow start, expect Rex Ryan to be leaving the team early.

Most desperate – Ken Whisenhunt

The Cardinals are once again left without a quarterback, and it's probably keeping head coach Ken Whisenhunt up late at night. Their defense is solid, but Whisenhunt needs to find a guy to pull the trigger on offense.

Best in transition – Peyton Manning

By all accounts, this guy is still the Peyton Manning we remember. New town, new team, new offense; no problem.

Most overrated – Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is consistently given the benefit of the doubt. The Bears play in a tough division. I'm not sure he can get the Bears to the playoffs. Cutler is solid, but calling him a "great quarterback" seems like a stretch.

Most underrated – Blaine Gabbert

Most underrated or most improved? Probably both. Gabbert has looked solid this preseason, but the regular season is when we'll find out whether it was all smoke and mirrors. For now, he's the most underrated player.

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