NFL week 2 rock stars

Time to take out the guitar and drums from the closest and name our week 2 NFL Rock Stars. In case some of you aren't up to speed with our weekly segment, each week we highlight the best individual performances of the week through our musical jukebox of songs.    

Players have now shaken off the rust and should be starting to get their motors back in full gear for a long NFL season. 
Reggie Bush : 172 rushing yards – 25 rec yards – 2 TD's – Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen 
When Reggie Bush said he wanted to league the league in rushing this season people laughed but fans around Miami knew that after his strong play last year and his hard work ethic that maybe just maybe Reggie could pull it off. Well, now after week 2 Reggie Bush is currently 2nd in the league in rushing. Bush slashed da Raiders all day long as he looked explosive and dangerous everytime he touched the ball. 

CJ Spiller : 123 rushing yards – 47 rec yards – 2 TD's –  Flash by Queen
We just named Reggie Bush the 2nd league leading rusher on our list and now it's time to give the guy at the top of the list some credit. Spiller who has stepped in for Fred Jackson has been electric and untouchable. Spiller has used his killer speed and slick moves to get past defenses and be a huge asset to the Bills offense. 
Eli Manning : 31/51 510 passing yards – 3 TD's 3 INT's – Throwing It All Away by Genesis
This Sunday we saw the worst of Eli and the BEST Eli. Like he did so many times last season he proved that the 4th quarter is his quarter leading his team to yet another comeback win. Honorable mention should be to Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks who were also huge this Sunday. 
Cam Newton : 253 passing yards – 1 Passing TD – 71 Rushing Yards 1 TD – Superman by Five For Fighting
Brees vs Newton with both teams angry looking to avoid an 0-2 start. Netwon aka Superman came out with the big W as he was able to control play through the air and on the ground. Newton bounced back and played an exciting week 2 game, getting the Panthers offense back in rhythm.

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