Peyton Manning’s 5 best off-field moments

As most of you all know by now, its all Peyton 24/7. While everyone is talking about where he will land and how he will come back from his injury, here is a look at some of Peyton Manning’s most memorable moments off the field.

1. Peyton Manning’s farewell press conference in Indy

Manning’s departure from Indy was handled like anything else Peyton does in life: with 100 % class. It was emotional for Colts fans or any NFL fan that has grown to associate #18 with the horseshoe.

“I’ll always be a Colt. I always will be. That’ll never change,” Manning said, leaving his fans just as in love with him as they were when he was drafted 1st overall 14 years ago.

2. Peyton’s SNL Appearance

In what was maybe the funniest SNL episode in the past decade, Peyton showed a different side of himself, making his fans laugh clip after clip. 

3. Peyton’s famous commercials

There was a span of about 2 years where every commercial on TV had Peyton Manning in them, each one funnier than the next. Here (Cut! That! Meat!) is the best of, including a classic Peyton vs Eli SportsCenter ad:

4. Peyton at the ESPYs

Peyton, being one of the league’s best, has always been invited and made an impression at the ESPYs, helping to skewer The Blind Side.

5. Peyton’s audible language revealed.

Manning’s real on-field audible language is nearly as confusing as the faked version he “reveals” in an off-field interview with Kenny Mayne. Asked how he is able to translate Peyton’s audibles, Colts center Jeff Saturday says: “Well, he’s been sticking his hand up my butt for 11 years, so we’re pretty close.”