Quarterback competitions starting to take shape

Now that we're almost through half of the NFL's preseason schedule, it's time to take a look at some of the quarterback battles that have shaped up over the course of the offseason. Let's get right to it.

Tennessee Titans – Jake Locker vs. Matt Hasselbeck

Going into this week's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jake Locker was beginning to emerge as the favorite to win the Titans' starting job, and he was rewarded by head coach Mike Munchak with the start against Bucs. Unfortunately, he didn't return the favor to his head coach, and following his ill-fated performance, Matt Hasselbeck may have moved back into the lead in this competition.

Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill vs. Matt Moore and David Garrard

David Garrard has been essentially eliminated from this competition with a knee injury. A timetable for his return is still unclear. Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill both looked uncomfortable and overwhelmed by the Carolina Panthers, but if you have to pick one, Ryan Tannehill looked better, if only slightly.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Blaine Gabbert vs. Chad Henne

This was supposed to be a very close competition coming into training camp, but this controversy never materialized. Blaine Gabbert has been solid in preseason play, especially Friday night against the Saints. On the other hand, Chad Henne has looked inaccurate and lost. This is one battle I'm comfortable in declaring over. Gabbert wins.

Arizona Cardinals – Kevin Kolb vs. John Skelton

You can't help but feel sorry for Ken Whisenhunt. Once Kurt Warner retired, the Cardinals receded very quickly to the world of mediocrity that they had been so accustomed to over the course of their history. Kevin Kolb has been awful, and John Skelton has barely been serviceable. Still Skelton played well in his limited time against the Raiders, so maybe there really is a favorite emerging in Arizona.

Seattle Seahawks – Matt Flynn vs. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson wasn't supposed to be competing for a starting job, but his performance has put him in the running to lead the Seahawks. This position still looks like it's Matt Flynn's to win, or lose, but Wilson hasn't been eliminated yet, and the Seahawks still have a pair of preseason games left to play. Keep a close eye on this race as it winds down.

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