Russell Wilson gives the Seahawks options

In case you missed it, and I really hope you didn't, Russell Wilson was on fire last night against the Kansas City Chiefs last night. Numbers don't tell the whole story, but Wilson was 13 of 19 passing with 185 yards and 2 touchdowns tosses. Oh yeah, he also ran for 58 yards on 2 carries.

Wilson was drafted in the 3rd round of this year's draft, and he was and to a point still is considered a long-shot to be a successful starter at the pro level. Through this preseason, he's been doing his best to prove his naysayers wrong, and he's been succeeding.

The most common complaint about Wilson is that he's too short to play quarterback. At just 5'11", Wilson is just one inch taller than one of the most famous short men to play the position, Doug Flutie.

What Russell Wilson loses in height, he makes up for with athleticism. Last night he showed the football world exactly why he should be a starting quarterback. He throws a solid ball, but his biggest asset is his mobility. He gives the Seahawks something only a few quarterbacks in the league have, a quarterback that can break a big run on any busted play.

The Seahawks will be hard pressed to make a playoff push, even with the solid roster they've put together. The NFC wildcard race is likely to be as competitive as ever, and it appears the 49ers have a grip on the division.

If the Seahawks hope to make a playoff push, they'll need to pull out a couple of upset wins. Russell Wilson forces defensive coaches to plan around him, and it gives the Seahawks an advantage because it's hard to replicate his style of play in practice for other teams. It's that advantage that could help the Seahawks squeak out a couple of wins they wouldn't otherwise get.

In the NFL having as many options as possible is rarely a bad thing, and it may work in Russell Wilson's favor once the Seahawks declare their starting quarterback.

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