Saints, Chiefs and Titans hoping to turn their seasons around

It's been a rough start to the season for a few teams we thought would be playoff bound, especially in the AFC. There are currently 5 teams in the AFC that have yet to win a game after 2 weeks of play. In the NFC, the Saints are the lone winless team.

For the Saints, Chiefs and Titans, this season has been particularly disappointing. The Saints seemed to be a perennial contender, while the Chiefs and Titans were thought to be coming into their own.

Some saw the Saints' woes coming months ago. They're without their head coach, Sean Payton. They're without their first interim coach, Joe Vitt. The Saints are trying to navigate a difficult schedule with what is essentially their 3rd string head coach and a team that has seemed nothing short of defeated so far this year.

Today, the Saints will take on the Kansas City Chiefs in a game that will likely eliminate one of them from playoff contention. The easy pick here is the Saints. On paper, they should be able to move the ball up and down the field against the Chiefs, but let's remember, the Saints are 0-2, just like the Chiefs.

The other team that was thought to be a playoff contender just a couple of weeks ago is the Tennessee Titans. Behind quarterback Jake Locker, they've looked lost. The Titans are playing host to the Detroit Lions. The Lions' defense has seemed non-existent at times so far this year, and the Titans could have an opportunity to gain some momentum. Still, they have to stop the Lions' offense to have a chance, and I'm not sure it's something they can do.

There's a handful of 0-2 teams left, and they're all playing must win games this weekend. It's very difficult to get into the playoffs following an 0-2 start, and it's nearly impossible following an 0-3 start. It's make or break time for those teams.

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