Tebow to operate in the redzone according to report

Rich Cimini of ESPN reports, citing team insiders, that the New York Jets will likely concentrate Tim Tebow’s snaps inside the redzone. The report itself isn’t surprising considering Tim Tebow’s dual threat nature as a quarterback, but there seems to be more drawbacks to the plan than benefits.

If we decide to be optimistic, we can see a scenario in which Tim Tebow succeeds inside the redzone, scoring touchdowns for his team. If that’s the case, the fans of the jets and the New York media will be calling for Mark Sanchez’s head. While it’s possible that Sanchez could struggle, not being given the opportunity to work inside the redzone would not only be frustrating for the quarterback, but distinctly biased against him.

If, on the other hand, Tim Tebow fails inside the redzone, Red Ryan could find himself on a suddenly warm chair. As Gregg Rosenthal points out, putting Tebow in the game after the Jets drive to the redzone could very easily be seen as unnecessary tinkering on Ryan’s fault. If Tebow isn’t successful in the redzone early, expect Rex Ryan to pull him out for good.

I still don’t believe two quarterback systems can be effective at the NFL level. By putting Tebow in the game after the offense has moved down the field, the Jets risk breaking their offensive rhythm. I don’t think the Jets will follow through with the reported plan beyond the preseason. It’s too much to ask from their quarterbacks, and by the start of the season, I see the Jets starting and playing one quarterback with very few exceptions.

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