Andy Reid

The time has come to cut Andy Reid loose

The Philadelphia Eagles dropped their seventh straight game last night to the Carolina Panthers in embarrassing fashion.

Late in the game, the Panthers had the ball with an eight point lead. The game was still within reach, but the Eagles' defense played as if it was late in a preseason game. There was no energy, and the stadium was virtually empty.

In other words, the Eagles and their fans have packed it in, and it's time to move on.

With this season lost and not looking up, it's time that the Eagles begin the process of evaluating the talent that they do have on their team. This is not an issue exclusive to the Eagles. The Chargers are also a team that has been vastly overrated for years, and it's essential that the Eagles be accurate in determining who should stay and who has to go.

This is a process that Andy Reid shouldn't and can't be involved in. He's on his way out, and the idea that he can accurately and impartially evaluate his players just isn't realistic. The process of evaluation can't begin until Reid is gone, and that should happen sooner rather than later.

The Eagles' players and coaches have given up on this year, and there's no legitimate reason to keep Andy Reid around until the end of the year. He won't resign from his post. That's an honorable thing to do, but the Eagles need to pull the plug on the Andy Reid era. He had a great run, but letting it continue like this is embarrassing.

Shane Clemons

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