To cut or not to cut Chad Johnson, that is the question

The Dolphins offseason isn’t exactly going as planned. Originally the plan was to have David Garrard as the day 1 starter and that has changed due to a knee injury and then they signed Chad Johnson with the intentions of him being one of their starting receivers.

Last night it was reported that Chad Johnson was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence charge in Davie, Florida. More details can be found at

The real question is now is whether the Dolphins will decide to keep Chad or let him go. The veteran receiver is not really known for his off the field issues, this being his first arrest MAY by him some favor with the Dolphins organization but after everything this team went through with Brandon Marshall it is doubtful they would retain the flashy diva receiver.

The Dolphins also have two young receivers in Roberto Wallace and Julius Pruitt who have had solid camps and played a good opening preseason game. Both receivers offer upside and would be given a greater opportunity to contribute should the Dolphins let Chad go. Releasing Johnson would also allow the Phins to give injured receiver Brian Hartline some extra snaps as he will be returning from his minor injury this week.

The Dolphins liked what they saw from Chad in terms of his work ethic, his potential of helping young receivers and his determination of trying to get back on the right foot and end his career in style.

With that being said, it is unclear whether the Dolphins who know what it’s like with off the field issues with diva receivers will have the patience to give Chad another chance.

The ball will be in Jeff Ireland and Coach Philbin’s court, but it would be less than surprising if Chad found himself unemployed again.

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