Too soon to cut Ocho?


You have already know the details of the story. Ochocinco was arrested last night on domestic abuse charges after allegedly head butting his new bride and star of the reality circuit. He was taken into custody for the first time in his life. He was released upon posting bond. The legal action was going to run its course.

But no sooner was he released from jail that word came down from the Dolphins organization, apparently made by Philbin with full support of ownership, that the team would release Ochocinco from his contract. 

I do not know the facts of the case, and neither do you. At this point we know some foggy details about the circumstances of the alleged event. 

We know that the league has long since had a problem with their players getting arrested. This is surely not the first of the offseason. 

The month of July alone saw 12 different players in the NFL get arrested for everything from allegedly threatening to kill their mother to brandishing a weapon at a group of people from inside a car. Kenny Britt is heading to see commissioner Roger Goodell for his hand slapping, but he still has not been released by the Titans despite his three offseason arrests. Dez Bryant is still on the Cowboys. None of those arrested for just one DUI were released. 

But Ocho, after getting arrested for the first time in his life, was released before his much in the way of his due process. 

This is not to say that domestic violence is not extremely serious, because that cannot be understated. If the accusations turn out to be true, what Ocho did was truly despicable and he deserves everything that comes his way. 

The only thing is that there is no concrete reason that Ocho should have had such a short leash. 

The fact that he is a larger than life character, known for his flapping gums and tweeting fingers, to go along with his wife who lives her life in front of cameras, makes this situation much more interesting. 

When news broke last night, few people were surprised. But they should have been. Ocho has never done anything to make us think that he would raise his hand to anyone, never mind his own wife. He has not been arrested for any DUI's, as he is known better for his cran-Red Bull. No weapons charges. No child support backpay. He was actually clean.

But because of his big name and reputation for causing locker room headaches, the leash was cut in incredibly short order. 

Some saw it was a risk for the Dolphins to sign Ocho in the first place, citing, well not much. He was unable to find his groove with the Pats last season, but he is certainly not the first player to be incapable of playing the Patriot Way. 

Ocho has been able to maximize the potential of his name. He branded himself in a way that few players have been able to. His name became the story. 

The Dolphins clearly had no interest in dealing with the looming PR storm that came with everything that Ocho touched. They have Hard Knocks in their camp, making the focus that much more intense. This entire situation will surely be the next episode, but at the end of the day, and possibly his career, it is possible that his reputation actually did more hard than good for the man that will forever known as Ocho. 

Again, if Ocho did what he is accused of doing, there is a special place for people like him. But everyone is due their day in court, no matter the offence. At least in our society. 

This could very well be the last we see of him in an NFL uniform, and he will be remembered not for his stellar seasons in Cinci but rather his off-season antics that culminated last night. 

Was it too soon to cut him? Well considering the rash of arrests that have smothered the league this offseason, and the lack of precedent for such a quick dismissal, it seems off.

But not unexpected.