Urgency could turn to desperation after week four

There are a number of enticing games as we enter week four of the NFL season. Still, the most intriguing game of the week involves a 1-2 team and an 0-3 team.

That game, of course, is Sunday when the New Orleans Saints travel to Green Bay in what could become their last stand for saving their season.

The Saints have become a caricature of all teams stuck at 1-2 or worse. The hope coming into the season for the Saints, as well as other teams like the Patriots, Packers, Steelers and Lions, was that they could pick up where they left off as a dominant team. As we've seen, that's not always how it works.

The Saints are working under different conditions than their fellow desperate teams. They're dealing with a number of bounty related suspensions, and they're being led by the first of two interim head coaches this season. That's what makes their trip to Green Bay so important.

On the other sideline, the Packers will be looking to get back on track. With a loss, the Packers won't be eliminated from the playoff race by any means, but they'll be getting into very dangerous territory. Lucky for them, and I can't believe I can write this with a straight face, the Saints are coming to town.

If you find yourself watching Sunday's game between the Saints and the Packers, make a special point to consider their demeanor. If one of the teams jumps out to a quick double digit lead, watch how the other team fights back. For the Saints, urgency may begin to give way to desperation if they don't get the game off to a good start.

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