Vikings out to prove themselves against the Lions

There are a number of teams shocking the nation to this point. The Cardinals are undefeated, the Seahawks have only dropped one game, and the Saints and Packers have a combined one win between them.

Still, the Vikings may take the cake.

A season ago, the Vikings were nothing short of awful. Christian Ponder was dreadful most of the time, and after blowing multiple leads, the team fell into a pattern of not competing with their opponents.

Fast forward to today. It's still very early, but the Vikings are tied for the NFC North division lead with the Chicago Bears. Today, the Vikings play the Detroit Lions. At 1-2, the Lions need a win in a bad way to get their season back on track.

Let's consider for a moment what happens if the Lions don't win. The Vikings would be the division leader at 3-1, with the Packers at 2-2 (at best) and the Bears could potentially be tied with Minnesota after Monday night's matchup.

If the Vikings are able to best the Lions, we have to address a very real question. Can the Vikings win the NFC North?

There's no doubt that the Vikings can play great football, but they have to show consistency as well. It took a 55 yard field goal in week 1 to get them into overtime against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and they dropped a game in Indianapolis to the Colts in week 2.

In short, it's really tough to determine just yet whether the Vikings are "for real." The Lions have struggled in a big way this season, and if the Vikings can take advantage of that, they could be 3-1 at the end of the day, and that's a great position to be sitting when the season hits its quarter mark.

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