Week three early games provide no answers

On a day that was supposed to provide the football watching world a plethora of answers, we got a big fat goose egg from the early games.

The Saints, who I thought would be in the playoffs with no problem just three weeks ago, dropped to 0-3. The Chiefs, meanwhile, escaped with the overtime win in New Orleans.

The Lions, another team I thought would compete at a very high level, lost one of the most incredible and wild games you'll ever see, also in overtime, to the previously unvictorious Titans.

Next up was the Vikings, who seem to have made some improvements throughout the offseason, upsetting the 49ers. As you may have noticed, the 49ers were considered by many to be the best team in the league, until now.

The Jets did everything they could to lose to the Dolphins, but Miami just didn't want to hit a field goal. This game went to overtime, and the cherry on top of the sundae came when the Dolphins called a time out as they blocked a New York field goal. The ensuing kick was good from the Jets, and they escaped with a big win, despite Mark Sanchez's implosion.

The unvictorious Jaguars pulled out a nail-biter in Indianapolis. The Colts, of course, beat the Vikings just a week ago.

Today was supposed to be all about answers. The games' outcomes just didn't cooperate. As of right now, the NFL is as wild as ever, but then again, that's why we love it. Stay tuned for the late games' outcomes.

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