What they might be thinking: AFC West

Denver Broncos

We couldn’t be happier this offseason. We unloaded Tim Tebow. Yeah, he’s a great guy, but we’re looking for a great passer. And oh by the way, we added a great passer to the roster when we were able to sign Peyton Manning. We have a solid defense, good offensive weapons, and one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. We think we should be able to dominate the AFC West, and we think Manning could be the piece that sends us over the top. We have high goals for 2012, and we believe we have every possibility to accomplish them.

San Diego Chargers

We aren’t sure who we are anymore. We’re constantly told we’re going to compete for a Super Bowl victory, but every year we fall flat at some point in the year. We still think Philip Rivers can bring the Lombardi Trophy to San Diego, but we have to put a complete season together to do that. Norv Turner survived last year, but if we’re not in the playoffs at the end of this season, it may be time to clean house and try to re-work the team while Rivers is still a great quarterback.

Oakland Raiders

Under our new regime, we can build a stable roster with a good coaching staff. Dennis Allen should bring a new perspective to Oakland, and we think he could be the next young star in the NFL in the coaching ranks. Still, we need to be patient. We’re in a very competitive division, and victories won’t come easy. It may take a couple of years, but we think we’re heading the right direction.

Kansas City Chiefs

We believe in new head coach Romeo Crennel. When he took over for Todd Haley at the end of 2011, a fire was lit under us, and we rose to the occasion. We had way too many key injuries last season, but we think we can rebound in a big way in 2012. The NFL almost always has a “worst to first” team, and we think that could be us in 2012.

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