Video: Chad Johnson released on Hard Knocks, episode recap

For the first time in a long time, the Miami Dolphins were the center of the NFL universe as everyone was excited to tune into this week’s Hard Knocks episode.

The buildup of HBO informing everywhere that they would be covering Chad Johnson's release had the show set up for one of its largest ratings in the shows history. The show got off to a little bit of a surprising start, as HBO had its audience very emotional y drained early on we got an inside look at how rough it can be losing a child. HBO covered Andy Reid’s sons passing and how Joe Philbin was able to relate to the pain Andy must be going through.

The show switched to a more upbeat pace as the story line switched to the Dolphins Tight End situation where we once again saw rookie tight end Les Brown featured despite the fact I doubt most of America really cares. We also got to see a more aggressive side of Mike Sherman whose patience must have been low that day.

The show proceeding to get a little uncomfortable as the Dolphins young rookie QB serenaded his team with his version of “Lean on Me”. Let’s just say I don’t think his voice is what scored him the gorgeous Lauren Tannehill.

Hard Knocks then gave us some interesting news as we learnt that David Garrard’s injury came from playing in the pool with his kids. Was also note worthy that the Doctors projected the QB being out 3-5 weeks instead of the reported 2-4 weeks.

Then came the heavy stuff ! Finally Chad went into coach Philbin’s office apologetic but also knowing where he stood and the likelihood of him being cut. Philbin explained to him that the mesh of him and the organization was just not going to work. Chad thanked Joe for the opportunity and the both sides moved on.

This was an incredible moment for fans all over the country and we really got inside look of a player getting fired. It was a little hard to stomach but let’s not forget that Chad brought this upon himself.

It will be very interesting to see where the Hard Knocks ratings go from here without the diva receiver.

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