Aaron Hernandez likely to be arrested according to report

Odin Lloyd's death remains under investigation, but if a Sports Illustrated report is to be believed, the Patriots tight end could be arrested in the near future.

The report, by Greg Bedard, says that a source claims that Hernandez's alleged involvement in Lloyd's death may be grounds for Hernandez to be arrested, although it's unknown exactly what he would be charged with.

After that report was published, Wesley Lowery, of the Boston Globe, tweeted that no arrest was imminent, although it's worth pointing out that Lowery's tweet doesn't imply that no arrest will eventually happen.

On the football side of the equation, Bill Belichick and the Patriots are likely preparing for life without Hernandez, especially if reports of Hernandez smashing his own surveillance equipment and SI's report that an arrest is likely to happen are to be believed. The loss of Hernandez would further hurt the Patriots' receiving unit. Rob Gronkowski is still on the mend, and it's unclear when he'll be back to 100%.

We'll continue to monitor the news for more information as it becomes available.

Shane Clemons

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