Best week three preseason matchups

Week three of the preseason is generally the most intensive work given to a team's starting players. Instead of playing only a couple of drives, starters often play the entire first half. Sure, tonight's games between the Patriots and Lions as well as the Panthers, Ravens matchups a good, but they're not the best story lines in week three.

Buffalo Bills at Washington Redskins

Why we care: The Bills are featuring a brand new, high octane offense that keeps the flow of the game moving. Likewise, the Washington Redskins feature a quick-paced offense. The curious feature about this game is that these teams' likely starting quarterbacks won't be playing, meaning we'll get to see how their offenses operate under difficult circumstances.

Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers

Why we care: It's the new vs. the old in this matchup. The Steelers insist their offensive line is better, and if they're right, they could have a huge year. On the other side of the field, we'll get to see just how well the Chiefs' new offense works against a top-tier defense. This game may actually tell us a lot about what to expect from these teams in the regular season, and that's not something we can normally say about preseason games.

New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans

Why we care: This may be the most high-strung game of the preseason. Both teams feature explosive offense, and the Texans have a solid defense to add to that. Really, I'm just looking forward to watching the ball get tossed all over the field in preseason play. If you love the passing game, this one's for you.

Unlike the rest of the preseason schedule, week three brings something for anyone's taste. Even if the games above don't interest you, there's sure to be a game or situation that will float your boat.

Shane Clemons

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