Ryan Nassib

Bills could trigger a run on quarterbacks

It's generally agreed upon by coaches, general managers, analysts and fans alike that this year's quarterback crop isn't up to par. Still, that doesn't mean we won't see a run on quarterbacks tomorrow night in the opening round of the draft. Here's how that might happen.

The first thing that would need to happen to trigger a run at signal caller would be the selection of Geno Smith, probably by Jacksonville or, less likely, Oakland. That early selection could set the stage.

Next, the Bills' paranoia that the Jets are as interested in Ryan Nassib as they are, as reported by ESPN's Sal Paolantonio, would have to prove to be strong enough for the Bills to elect to take Nassib at eighth overall. That's unlikely considering that Geno Smith is the only quarterback expected to be taken in the first round, but not altogether impossible.

If the above occurs, other quarterback needy teams may begin jumping back into the first round to get the quarterbacks they had targeted for selection in the second round. If that happens, the big winners become teams drafting at the tail end of the first round. Those teams would likely gain draft ammunition from teams desperate to find a quarterback.

In reality, I don't expect a run on quarterbacks tomorrow night, but if the Bills really are paranoid about the Jets' interest in Ryan Nassib, they could take a huge risk in drafting him inside the top ten. Teams need quarterbacks, and the draft is always a powder keg waiting for a spark.

Shane Clemons

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