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David Garrard could join the Jets coaching staff

After choosing to retire earlier in the week, David Garrard my be staying with the Jets after all, just not as a coach.

According to the USA TODAY, Garrard is seriously considering re-joining the Jets as a quarterback coaching intern. The move would allow Garrard to mentor rookie quarterback Geno Smith.

Interestingly, Garrard seemed to indicate to USA Today Sports that Smith was certainly the quarterback of the future in New York.

"I think Geno's going to be great," Garrard told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday. "He still has a lot to learn in the NFL. He definitely has to work. But he has what it takes. Now he has to go out and prove it."

"The one thing the kid has is he's definitely the guy of the future. He'll get a whole lot more attention from the fans, because they definitely want to see that new guy, especially since Mark has had a rough (52 combined turnovers) couple of years."

David Garrard had been in the running to earn the Jets' starting quarterback job, but his knee did not allow him to continue competing. At that point, Garrard decided to call it a career. If he stays with the Jets, he'll be making a quick transition to coach and mentor. In that way, Garrard could remain very valuable to Geno Smith.

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