Here’s the zaniest highlight of the NFL preseason

Growing up there was nothing I enjoyed more than the Football Follies, and this may be tough to beat for the entire 2013 season barring a sequel to the Buttfumble.  It comes from this weekend's Chargers-Cardinals preseason game.  San Diego's Ryan Mathews fumbles a goalline carry, it's then picked up by Arizona's Rashad Johnson who tries to lateral the ball for inexplicable reasons, resulting in a second fumble carried into the endzone by TE John Phillips for a Chargers touchdown.

Here's how the play by play described the action, see if you can follow along:

"R.Mathews to ARZ 1 for no gain (R.Lumpkin). FUMBLES (R.Lumpkin), RECOVERED by ARZ-R.Johnson at ARZ 7. R.Johnson to ARZ 6 for -1 yards. FUMBLES, RECOVERED by SD-J.Phillips at ARZ 3. J.Phillips for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN."

Preseason football in all its glory.

Matt Yoder

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