Is Matt Flynn destined for another starting gig?

Matt Flynn is an enigma at the quarterback position. With the Packers, Flynn appears to once again be a solid option as an NFL starter. Since being acquired by Green Bay, Flynn is 2-1-1, and he’s spreading the ball around efficiently. He even has one of the greatest comeback wins in recent memory under his belt. Although we don’t want to think about it just yet, could Matt Flynn land with another team as their presumptive starting quarterback?

To answer that question we first have to understand that the current NFL landscape resembles a barren desert with a few oases of quarterback competence. At the pro level, success is often defined by the categorization of team based on their respective quarterback situation. If the team is a “have,” meaning their quarterback is a solid option, the playoffs are a very real scenario year in and year out. If, however, the team falls into the “have not” category, there’s little hope for success.

After failed stints in both Seattle and Oakland, Flynn is looking to revive his stock in Green Bay, and there’s little doubting the affect that move has had on Flynn, at least on paper. Flynn is completing 64% of his passes, and he’s throwing more touchdowns (7) than interceptions (4) at nearly a 2:1 ratio.

It appears, at least when we look at his travels around the league, that Flynn functions much better in a system in which he has a very good working knowledge. Duh, that sounds like common sense, but stay with me. In Seattle, Flynn was topped by Russell Wilson, but can we really hold that against him? After all, Wilson is one of best young quarterbacks in the NFL.

Next, Flynn moved on to Oakland where Terrelle Pryor, who was ahead on the learning curve, beat him out for the Raiders’ starting job. Again, Flynn had very limited time with the Raiders before he was yanked as the team’s starting option at quarterback.

No one is saying Matt Flynn is the next big thing, but it’s completely possible he makes up for some of his mechanical shortfalls by studying the offense he’s operating within. Matt Flynn doesn’t have a perfect release, a laser rocket arm or the ability to dissect a defense from the line of scrimmage week after week, but he appears to run an efficient, smooth offense when he’s comfortable, something that holds true when he’s playing for the Packers.

With so many teams looking to bring in young quarterbacks through the draft, there will once again be a shortage of talent in 2014 at the quarterback position. Matt Flynn’s name may well become a hot button issue this offseason after the draft, but don’t expect him to jump into a new team as an immediate hit. His trips to Seattle and Oakland showed us that he needs some time before he’s able to function at a high level, which will make his next landing spot that much more interesting to watch unfold.

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