Johnny Manziel to the NFL in 2014?

Johnny Manziel may be one of the most electric college football players, but he's no stranger to controversy. This time, he may have landed himself at the center of attention, hinting that he may be heading to the NFL in 2014.

First of all, Twitter is a dangerous tool, and I still don't know why so many athletes insist on using it, but that's beside the real point.

It's unclear exactly what sparked Manziel's first tweet, but it certainly sounds like he's ready to put the politics of college football behind him. Still, there are many questions surrounding his coming transition to the NFL, and no one is quite sure where he'll be drafted.

Manziel will likely be a lightning rod for criticism coming into next year's draft, if that's the route he decides to take. Still, the NFL offers a safe haven for many players tired of the college system.

We're interested to hear exactly what has Manziel so upset this time around, but with his tweets, you could almost hear teams needing quarterbacks perk up a bit. With such a weak quarterback crop in 2013, many teams passed on the position, but they'll be needing a QB next year, and Manziel may be ready to throw his hat in the ring next time around.

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