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NFLPA to act on Jay-Z problem

Who is Geno Smith's agent? The question itself seems rather straight forward, but as it turns out, it's actually a rather loaded question that has caught the eye of the NFLPA, and it could be a problem the NFLPA will pursue in an effort to correct.

At face value, Kim Miale is Smth's agent, but there's suspicion that Jay-Z and Roc Nation, his agency, are using Miale as a front for Jay-Z to gain access to the player. Jay-Z is not an NFLPA certified agent, as as such, he's not allowed to be Smith's "agent" according to the NFLPA's "runner rule." Miale, who is employed by Roc Nation, is a certified agent, allowing her to act as a proxy for Jay-Z, at least that's what the allegation seems to be.

The suspicion stems from Geno Smith's choice to hire Miale as his agent. Before Smith, Miale had only represented two players, an Arena Football League kicker and former Florida linebacker Brandon Hicks. The suspicion is that Jay-Z influenced Smith to hire Miale, an employee of Jay-Z, allowing Jay-Z to represent Smith.

Sources with knowledge of the situation told Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio that the NFLPA is looking to act on the situation, going against some reports that the NFLPA would find a way to let it all slide by. If that's the case, someone will be held responsible, and it won't be Jay-Z. Since he's not a certified NFLPA agent, they can't do anything in regard to him. Kim Miale, however, is not invulnerable, and her certified status could be in doubt if the NFLPA does indeed decide to act. In the grand scheme of things, the NFLPA would only slow Jay-Z and Roc Nation by stripping Miale of her license.

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