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Teams need to be patient before they’ll get better

Every offseason, we see a handful of teams in full-blown rebuild mode. Many of them are in a perpetual rebuild with no end in sight. In these cases, stability is a team's best friend, but it's often ditched for quick solutions that don't actually work.

The Raiders, Chiefs, Jaguars, Browns, Cardinals, Lions and potentially others are all looking for a magic bullet. The problem is that all of those teams have large holes in their rosters, and swapping coaches and personnel executives doesn't help fill those holes.

Of the teams listed above, the Chiefs seem to have put themselves in the best position. Andy Reid proved in Philadelphia that he can coach at a high level, meaning that if the Chiefs play poorly on Sunday, it's probably more about the lack of talent than poor coaching.

Other teams have put their stock in unproven coaches. The Jaguars' new head coach, Gus Bradley, has been given rave reviews, but great assistants don't always make great head coaches. Norv Turner, for instance, is a great offensive coordinator (now with the Browns), but he's never experienced much success as a head coach.

The best teams in football understand that patience is the best policy. You don't see much turnover in the staffs of the best teams in the league. The Steelers will be contenders once again this year despite a rough season last year because of that very fact. They know they had some missteps last year, but that's no reason to panic. They've had success in the past, and that'll continue in the future.

Of the teams I listed above, which ones are most likely to panic, and which ones are likely to pull through? Leave us your thoughts below.

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