Teams that should be in the QB market

If you don’t have a quarterback in the NFL, you’re doomed. Period. If that statement remains true, there are already a number of teams doomed before the season even starts. Even though there are quarterbacks out there that could be brought in, teams need to do so now before it’s too late. Here’s a few teams that should be at the front of the line in the QB market.

New York Jets

Mark Sanchez would likely be a serviceable starter, but after last night’s injury, we’re not even sure if he’ll be able to play. The fact that we’ve heard nothing definitive about his throwing shoulder doesn’t come across as a positive indication.

Geno Smith, the Jets’ rookie quarterback, looked nothing but awful last night. He made poor decisions, and looked completely overwhelmed at the NFL’s speed. With the Jets’ quarterback situation one of the worst in the league, is it possible we’ll see Greg McElroy get another shot at taking the job?

Oakland Raiders

Matt Flynn has been mediocre at best in preseason play, and although some have jumped on the Terrelle Pryor bandwagon, I’m not there just yet, and the Raiders’ coaches probably aren’t yet. One good outing does not constitute enough evidence to place him as the starting quarterback. Still, he should be ready to go at a moment’s notice if Matt Flynn can’t get on track.

The irony is that the Raiders let Carson Palmer leave at a time he was a perfectly serviceable, savvy veteran player. Yes, he made some mistakes and was a bit of a gunslinger, but he gave them a chance to win games with a poor roster. I get the feeling Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor don’t give the Raiders a good chance of winning many games.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills now have two injured quarterbacks. Unfortunately for them, those were the two guys duking it out for the team’s starting position. E.J. Manuel will almost certainly be the team’s starter if and when he gets back this season, but until then, the Bills turn to Jeff Tuel to help them through their rough patch.

At this late stage, a quarterback signing with a team or being shipped to a team through a trade will take some time to get up to speed, and there’s no way he’d be completely ready for week one of the regular season, but it’s better to act now than later.

As is often the case in the NFL, there are more teams in the league than franchise quarterbacks, and that scarcity is what drives the price of quarterbacks through the roof. When teams decide they can make do with what they have, they’re essentially making a calculated bet. For these teams, and likely others, that bet hasn’t paid off, and now they’re scrambling to decide what to do next.

Shane Clemons

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