Terrelle Pryor, Russell Wilson comparisons aren’t fair to Pryor

Comparisons between Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson should end after we mention that both are young, athletic quarterbacks capable of extending plays and buying themselves time.

Boom. Done. Finished. That’s where comparisons should end, but naturally, the two quarterbacks are being compared more than ever following Terrelle Pryor’s most recent outing. So, with so many looking at their similarities, here’s what separates Russell Wilson from Terrelle Pryor.

Russell Wilson is playing with a good team. Terrelle Pryor is playing with a team, that much is sure, but the Raiders’ lack of talent will hold Pryor back if he’s eventually given the team’s starting quarterbacks position.

Russell Wilson is consistent. Last year, part of the reason Russell Wilson too the NFL by storm was his ability to keep the Seahawks in football games. Unlike other notable quarterbacks around the league, there was no doubt that Wilson added games in the wins column for the Seattle Seahawks. We don’t know yet if that will be the case with Terrelle Pryor, but it rarely is with young quarterbacks, and it’s probably safe to assume Pryor won’t match Wilson’s consistency at this point in his career.

Russell Wilson is a passer first. When Russell Wilson scrambles, he’s looking to buy time, but if there’s enough space downfield, he’ll take off down the field for a big gain. Terrelle Pryor may be a passer first, but it’s simply too early to tell for sure. So far this preseason, he’s done a good job giving himself some extra time.

Raiders fans should be hoping that Terrelle Pryor is “the next Russell Wilson,” but the fact is, we just don’t know yet. I get why people want to makes such comparisons now. That’s human nature, but let’s take a deep breath. Terrelle Pryor has a chance to be a great quarterback in Oakland, but he’s not there just yet, and comparing him to Wilson doesn’t seem fair.

Shane Clemons

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